Continuous Emissions Monitoring Applications

Lethabo Air Quality Specialists have been appointed as official distributors of the range of continuous emissions monitoring products produced by Gasmet Oy in Finland.

For more information about Gasmet applications, either contact us or browse Gasmet's website here or by clicking or tapping on the Gasmet logo.

Inorganic and/or organic gases

The Gasmet CEMS IIe system enjoys TÜV / mCERTS / EN 15267-3 approval for multi-gas FTIR CEM applications. The system boast low minimum detection limits and requires very low maintenance.

Gasmet's range of analysers uses FTIR technology to analyse multiple gas concentrations in a flue gas stream and can be utilised in a wide variety of industrial applications.



Gasmet's Hg analyser uses cold vapour atomic fluorescence (CVAF) to measure mercury concentrations in flue gas streams down to extremely low levels as its minimum detection limits is 0.02 μg/m3.