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Bettair Mapping Air Quality

Bettair smart-city technology provides a highly efficient and large-scale pollution mapping tool. It provides insights and information our customers need to understand better and mitigate noise and air pollution. The sensing cartridge design allows easy replacement of all sensors when required and does not require in-situ calibration.

For more information about Bettair applications, either contact us or browse Bettair's website here.

  • Bettair Node

    Bettair Node

    The bettair® Static Nodes are standalone sensor devices. The nodes require to be main powered, or an external battery, or a solar panel. They transmit data directly to a server for cloud processing.

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  • Screening tool

    Bettair Software

    The bettair® platform shows data of each device and heat maps of the zone covered and it can be connected with other platforms in an easy manner. Our API allows to connect our platform with any proprietary or open-source platforms.

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Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems

Lethabo Air Quality Specialists have been appointed as official distributors of the range of continuous emissions monitoring products produced by Gasmet Oy in Finland.

Gasmet products represent the pinnacle of what can be achieved in the measurement of gaseous emissions using automated measuring systems. They excel in manufacturing reliable, sensitive, and cost-effective continuous emission monitoring solutions that represent the future of gas analysis. Gasmet has a world-leading reputation and takes pride in making sure all its current devices and future solutions are fully certified to the latest standards.

For more information about Gasmet applications/ products, either contact us or browse Gasmet's website here.

  • CEMS_IIe

    CEMS II e

    CEMS takes away the manual configuration and settings adjustments from your day-to-day emissions measurements.

    The system is suitable for measuring pollutants continuously from hot, wet, and corrosive gas streams in various industrial processes, such as power plants, waste incineration, cement plants, and beyond.

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  • GT90_Dioxin-1

    The GT90 Dioxin+

    The GT90 Dioxin + is designed specifically for an automatic and long-term sampling of dioxin emissions.

    The system can be used in a variety of industrial processes such as waste incineration and cement production. It is the perfect solution for the long-term isokinetic sampling of hazardous organic compounds in industrial and domestic waste incineration plants. 

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